August 10, 2023

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If you’re looking for a profession with room for career growth, nursing is the career for you. It’s no shocker that nurses are in high demand due to the quality and dedication of the profession, as well as shortages in the field. However, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), projections indicate that the registered nurse (RN) workforce will increase by 6% between 2021 and 2031. This is good news for anyone considering becoming a nurse, with high chances of easily being placed in your desired field. 

If you’re considering pursuing a nursing degree and career, it’s essential to learn about the trends in the industry that may affect your career trajectory. 

Top Nursing Trends That Continue to Evolve

As technology, science advances, and nursing shortages continue to grow, the opportunities for nurses to find meaningful, rewarding careers do with it. Nursing and healthcare professionals can expect to see the following trends that are changing the face of nursing. 

Trend #1: Increasing Job Demand

The shortage of nurses will only increase as our population continues to grow and age and the need for healthcare expands. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a 6% increase in the job growth rate for registered nurses through 2031, the estimated growth rate for nurse practitioners (NPs) is 40%, significantly higher than average. With a shortage of nursing school faculty and more nurses reaching retirement age, the need for nurses grows. An obvious demand for nurses has grown since the COVID-19 pandemic as well, with burnout and high-stress environments exacerbating the shortage issue. 

While nursing shortages won’t be solved overnight, new nurses can expect a range of professional options with job security, competitive salaries, and other rewarding benefits. 

Trend #2: Increased Salaries

Competitive pay is necessary to attract and retain qualified nurses, rewarding these professionals for their expertise and dedication to facing challenges in the industry. As the nursing shortage continues, nurses can expect an increase in salary over the next few years. The lasting effects of the pandemic have also encouraged employers to offer higher compensation equivalent to the tireless work efforts of nurses. Many healthcare organizations have also reconsidered healthcare budgets, government policies, and negotiations between employers and unions to improve nursing compensation. 

Trend #3: Travel Nurses 

Travel nursing has been a rising trend for a few years, but the COVID-19 pandemic shed light on how the healthcare industry needs travel nurses now more than ever to meet shifting demands. Thousands of nurses traveled to COVID-19 hotspots to support the alarmingly high patient volume. The value of traveling nurses has since been recognized, and the rewards and opportunities that come with the profession have drawn more nurses to pursue travel nursing. Travel nursing offers higher compensation and more travel opportunities, increasing the popularity of the career. 

Trend #4: Increased Use of Online Nursing Programs 

Due to the high demand for nursing professionals, there is a high job security in the profession and a high need for continuing education. More colleges and universities are providing online education programs for nursing as a result. Online education allows nurses the flexibility to take higher education classes while working full-time. Ready Doc offers hundreds of free CME/CEU courses for nurses and physicians that allow you to maintain any necessary education and certification requirements. 

Trend #5: Telehealth Medicine

In 2020, there was a shift in how individuals interacted with medical professionals due to COVID-19 restrictions. Since then, telehealth and virtual care services have exponentially increased with more nurses providing remote care, offering video consultations, and conducting virtual health assessments. This allows patients to have more control of their healthcare while feeling safe in their homes. 

Telehealth resources allow for increased access to healthcare, helping to improve patient outcomes. Online portals can display test results, prescription refill requests, and appointments. Patients can schedule appointments, set reminders for medication refills, and find specialists in their area through telehealth services. Additionally, doctors and nurses can access telemedicine equipment needed for virtual meetings, saving time for patients and clinicians.  

Trend #6: Mental Health Awareness

Mental health is an essential aspect of personal well-being for everyone. The growing nursing shortage has highlighted the pressing need to focus on nurses’ mental health. Nurses are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders due to exhaustion, burnout, and stressful environments. The pandemic revealed a distressing increase in depression and anxiety diagnoses, nurses included. The nursing profession can carry a significant mental burden, taking a strong toll on mental health. We can expect an increase in mental health awareness and resources available to help nurses prioritize their mental health. Healthcare organizations are already implementing on-site mental health services for their employees to promote a healthy work-life balance. 

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