August 25, 2022  | Updated: January 8, 2023

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  • Digital forms can go beyond processing patient information
  • Healthcare facilities can utilize them for providers
  • Digital forms for healthcare providers increases revenue, maintains compliance, improves patient care

Digital forms are the standard for processing patient information inside and outside of medical facilities, a trend that is expected to expand and continue.

Healthcare organizations are finding new uses to improve administrative workflows with digital forms geared toward their providers. A medical credentialing software such as Ready Doc™ incorporates this fruitful feature.

Digital Forms: Going Beyond Patient Care

Digital forms for healthcare providers offer many of the same benefits as they do for patients. The only difference is the end goal: helping clinical workflows achieve the fast, precise, and successful outcomes that is required for patient care.

Facility administrators and their providers waste a significant amount of time and money on credentialing, payer enrollment, as well as applications for appointments or privileges. All of these are necessary in order to provide patient care and receive reimbursement from health insurance networks.

The amount of effort that is required to manually complete these various administrative workflows is the ultimate benefit of digital forms. They provide additional time for patient care and drastically reduce healthcare waste.

Furthermore, healthcare providers using Ready Doc™ do not need to duplicate efforts by completing applications with similar information. All relevant data can be populated automatically from a secure folder within the credentialing platform that contains their credentials.

Expedited Workflow, Increased Security

On top of that, paper forms and applications facilitate the likelihood of clerical errors occurring. Mistakes can happen due to poor handwriting, outdated information, missing information, or information being entered in the wrong field.

Digital forms on Ready Doc™ auto-populates healthcare provider data that is already verified to be accurate and up to date. Furthermore, applications can be completed with an electronic signature, reducing the time it takes to obtain a signature from a healthcare professional who may be occupied with patient care.

Last but certainly not least, having a secure, centralized storage location for a healthcare provider’s digital forms boosts all of the benefits listed above. Ready Doc™ is the first and only platform in the healthcare industry that uses Hashgraph DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) to minimize cybersecurity breaches.

ABFT consensus algorithm is one of the highest security standards, providing a peace of mind for healthcare administrators and their providers to access documents anytime from anywhere.

The fundamental goal of digital health technology is aiding medical facilities to expand patient care access and cut costs. When payer enrollment, credentialing, and other administrative tasks are accomplished using digital forms, consolidation and coordination of services enable healthcare providers to achieve this goal.

Consequently, there is more time for patient care, increased revenue, reduced risk of a compliance breach, and an improvement in reputation for the entire facility and all of its providers.

Healthcare facilities of all sizes—hospitals, surgical centers, private practices, nursing homes, clinics, and more—can benefit from digital forms and other innovative medical credentialing software solutions.

Learn how Ready Doc™ can improve benefit your facility and your providers and schedule a free demo today.

Since Ready Doc™ is designed with a simplified platform for a pleasant user experience, the learning curve is small. Credentials, provider rosters, provider profiles, and action items such as requesting information for expiring documents are all three clicks away or less.

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