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National Nurses Week 2022 kicks off on May 6, 2022 with National Nurses Day and companies across the country are offering deals, discounts, and freebies to say thank you.

The weeklong celebration runs until May 12, 2022—the birthday of Florence Nightingale. National Nurses Week also overlaps with National Student Nurses Day and National School Nurse Day.

Every year, companies, organizations, and small businesses make an extra effort during this week to show their appreciation for these healthcare heroes always seen wearing colorful scrubs instead of capes.

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In order to show their appreciation and gratitude for these health care heroes, other companies across the country are offering discounts and freebies:

Discounts and Freebies for National Nurses Week: 

Retail for Nurses:

Brooklyn Bedding Discount for Healthcare Providers
Brooklyn Bedding recognizes the importance of nurses getting a restful night of sleep after a long shift. The company is offering a 25% off discount and FREE shipping for all healthcare providers.

Nurses and their families can get unlimited service for $30 per month for four lines with AutoPay on the exclusive Verizon Nurses website.

Vineyard Vines
Vineyard Vines offers nurses a 15% discount that can be used every 30 days. Shoppers must verify healthcare employment through SheerID to take advantage of the deal for nurses.

Nurses receive 30% off scrubs and lab coats. The company also offers group discounts on orders of 20 items or more. Find the perfect scrub or lab coat that fits your style on the Medelita website and use the promo code: FRONTLINES. 

L.L. Bean
Healthcare professionals can get a 15% discount at L.L. Bean for online and phone orders. The discount for nurses applies to both full price and sale items.

Nurses, first responders, and other first responders are eligible for the Samsung employee discount of up to 30% off products. The discount can also be combined with most offers for additional savings. No codes are required, simply visit the Samsung website for more details.

Danform Shoes
Danform offers a 20% off discount for nurses on shoes specifically designed for healthcare workers. Simply use the code “SUPERHERO20” at checkout.

Adidas offers nurses an exclusive 30% off discount on shoes and other gear.

Lululemon offers an in-store only deal for nurses. The 25% nurse discount applies to purchase athletic and leisurewear.

Under Armour
Under Armour offers nurses a 10% discount on clothing and workout gear.

Nurses receive a 10% discount on Carhartt apparel and accessories with a valid workplace ID.

Nurses get a 25% nurse discount from Levi’s®, as do other healthcare professionals and first responders. The deal for nurses requires employment verification through SheerID.

For a limited time, Nike’s normal 10% nurse discount is doubled to 20%. Healthcare employment verifications must be conducted through SheerID.

Food for Nurses:

Free Coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts on National Nurses Day
On Nurses’ Day (May 6) Dunkin’ Donuts is offering a free medium hot or iced coffee to all nurses. No purchase necessary!

Mrs. Fields Nurse & Healthcare Hero Cookie Gift Basket
Take 25% off the Heroes Collection through May 12 with promo code: THANKS.

Outback Steakhouse Offers Discounts to Nurses
While not exclusive to National Nurses Week 2022, this deal is one to remember! Outback Steakhouse gives nurses 10% off their entire check all day, every day with a valid medical ID.

Travel Discounts For Nurses

This hotel and resort chain offers deals for nurses and other healthcare workers, who enjoy Friends and Family rates through September 21, 2021. Customers must verify healthcare employment at check in. Promocode: THANKYOU

The Caesars chain of resorts and casinos offers nurses a special discount  of 10% on top of existing discounts.

Disney Swan and Dolphin
The resort offers an unspecified discount for nurses, frontline workers, and others. All must validate their employment status at check in.

Radisson Hotels offers nurses a discount of 20% as well as a FREE upgrade to the best available room during check in. The deal for nurses applies to hotels in the United States, Canada, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

Health, Wellness, Beauty and Body Care for Nurses


Healthcare workers receive discounts on Therabody’s percussion massagers and other products with employment verification.

Nature’s Gift

This wellness goods provider offers nurses a 10% discount on essential oils and other body care items. Nurses must email, fax, or mail a copy of their nursing license to receive a promo code.


Nurses, healthcare staff, and first responders enjoy a 25% discount on skin care, bath and body supplies, and vitamins. The discount for nurses requires verification through VerifyPass.

Nova Vita Wellness Centers
This wellness center specializing in functional nutrition and integrative medicine is offering all nurses 25% off any IV Vitamin Infusion with proof of a valid workplace ID.

NECTAR Bath Treats

NECTAR Bath Treats offers nurses a 30% off discount for all bath and body care products on its website. Simply enter the promo code: FRONTLINE30.

How to Thank a Nurse:

Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare industry and work extremely long hours for days on end to ensure patients young and old receive the care that they need. It is important to remember that a patient spends far more time with their nurse than their physician, and a small token of appreciation can go a long way.

There are many ways to show gratitude toward nurses, starting with a simple but meaningful two words: Thank you!

Here are more creative ways to show a nurse how much you appreciate what they do to care for you:

  1. Handwritten note or a card: Cards are most personal, easiest, and best gifts for nurses. In the era of emails and text messages, a handwritten thank you note is a lost art. If you take the time out to write down your thoughts and express your appreciation in words on paper, you will be amazed at the impact. Nurses that receive thank you cards from their patients often hold on to them for months if not years and read them again for a positive boost of energy when times are emotionally tough.
  2. Healthy snacks: Chocolates and cookies are always great thank you gifts, yet nurses and often need to take care of their own health as well as others. A hospital break room and vending machine isn’t always the best place to find a quick and healthy snack. Consider a box or basket of healthy snacks such as protein bars, nuts, and fruits. These edible arrangements are tasty, healthy, and a great way to help nurses sustain their energy levels during a busy shift.
  3. Caffeine:A typical shift for a nurse will last at least 12 hours, if not longer, and a dose of caffeine is often needed to keep them going. Consider giving a nurse a gift card for their favorite coffee place, a coffee mug filled with a bag of coffee, or even have a freshly brewed cup of coffee delivered.
  4. Crocks or compression socks: Some nice compression socks make a great gift to thank a nurse. We’re on our feet all day, which tires on the legs and feet. A good pair of compression socks can make such a difference in soothing aches and preventing swelling. It’s a gift that truly keeps on giving and one pair can last a long time, providing many comfortable shifts.

Make sure you take the time out during National Nurses Week and every other day of the year to thank a nurse!

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