• Streamlined medical credentialing needs an all-in-one software
  • Features should be easily accessible from a single dashboard
  • Expedites timelines for patient care, revenue streams

Medical credentialing can be a complex process if it is executed manually or when your software is complex and hard to use—two hurdles which are avoided when using Ready Doc™.

The primary goal of credentialing is accurately verifying all of the documents pertaining to a physician’s ability to provide patient care—including their education, medical residency, history of patient care, any medical malpractice claims, medical licenses, and more.

Medical credentialing goes beyond verifying a healthcare professional’s qualifications. The process is mandatory before patient care can be provided and completing payer enrollment to receive reimbursement from insurance networks.

Here are some of the essentials for medical credentialing software:

Easy Access to Credentials

It is essential for healthcare administrators to easily access or request the multitude of documents needed to credential their providers. This supports how crucial it is to streamline medical credentialing with a simplified software. The easier the process, the faster healthcare providers can begin caring for patients.

Ready Doc™ by Intiva Health is built from the ground up to streamline medical credentialing, with provider rosters, documents, tasks, reporting, appointments and privileges all three clicks away or less. This is made possible with a centralized repository of credentials, a provider roster, automated expiration alerts, and more—all on an easy-to-use provider overview page.

Simplified Login Page

Benefitting from the all of the easy-to-access features on the provider overview page would not be possible without a login page designed in a similar fashion. After logging into Ready Doc™, administrators are taken directly to their provider overview page with features at their fingertips. A provider roster, tasks, reports, credential safes, and more are three clicks away or less.

Digital Application Forms with Auto-Population of Data

Experts estimate that around 85% of credentialing applications lack important information. This could happen for a variety of reasons. One of the most common is due to human error. Many credentialing specialists still use spreadsheets, With the high volume of numbers and names involved in credentialing, mistakes are bound to happen. Ready Doc™ bypasses the need to manually input provider data into credentialing forms and other applications, such as payer enrollment. After credentials go through primary source verification and are uploaded into the platform, facility administrators can autofill a variety of applications with the appropriate data.

Automated Expiration Alerts

Another hurdle that prevents a streamlined credentialing process is outdated information. Medical licensure, DEA registration numbers, and more all expire at some point in time and need to be updated. Most healthcare professionals are too busy with patient care and all of the time and attention that comes with it to stay ahead of the game on expiring documents.  Ready Doc™ will automatically send advanced expiration notification alerts to give healthcare providers and their administrators plenty of time to update their credentials.

Multiple Administrative Workflows in One Place

To streamline credentialing as much as possible, facility administrators must be able to accomplish related workflows as well. This includes tracking appointments and privileges, which authorize a healthcare provider for a specific practice of patient care. Both are granted based on previous work performance and their medical credentials. With Ready Doc™ both processes are available in a single module, accessible in three clicks or less.

A separate administrative procedure from credentialing yet closely related is payer enrollment. Ideally, payer enrollment should be automated and integrated with a credentialing software. Manually submitting applications for providers to payors is a time-consuming process that can create an administrative burden for staff and lead to a delay in reimbursement which equates to a financial loss for both the facility and the provider. Additionally, with a smaller payer enrollment network, less patients are able to receive care if their plan is out of network.

Payer enrollment is another additional feature that Ready Doc™ incorporates to help to streamline medical credentialing with simplified solutions. With all of the credentials, medical licenses, and other provider information already in one place, administrators can track the payer enrollment status for each provider on their roster and kickstart the payer enrollment process.

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