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Practice Interactive Bolsters Healthcare Innovation Across Tech, Wellness, Supplements

Published: November 4, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas— Practice Interactive Inc. today announced the completion of a $9.5 Million funding round which will expand operations across all of their businesses and serve the increasing demand for customers and clients on all fronts.

The company is paving the way for the future of healthcare in three distinct business sectors with an assembly of subject matter experts.

Practice Interactive is headquartered in Austin, Texas—a hotbed for industry trailblazers—with three core entities: Intiva Health, Nova Vita Wellness Centers, and Gummi World. The group of companies creates visionary solutions in software, clinical practice, and nutraceutical manufacturing which offer minimal-risk growth strategies under the umbrella of healthcare.

Each entity is overseen by Practice Interactive headquarters with an additional local management structure on-site to provide consistency and quality standards unmatched by competitors.

“At Practice Interactive, we believe that the healthcare industry is in need of a transformation. We are building a world in which the burden of healthcare administration is nonexistent, patients can seek out wellness solutions for their specific needs, and consumers can enjoy dietary supplements with delivery methods and quality standards unlike anything in the marketplace,” said Alexander Candelario, President and Founder of Practice Interactive Inc. “COVID-19 accelerated a shift in the importance of physical and mental health—moving it to the forefront of people’s consciousness. Each company within the Practice Interactive group recognizes gaps in their respective industry and we created relevant solutions that no one else is providing.”

Ready Doc™, a medical credentialing software developed by Intiva Health, was the first among the Practice Interactive group to enter the marketplace. It is the first and only Hashgraph-based medical credentialing software to accelerate administrative workflows with the security of distributed ledger technology. The suite of features enables healthcare professionals and facilities across the United States to save time, increase revenue, and reduce the risk of a compliance breach.

Outside of facility walls, the general public’s interest in self-care and health maintenance is skyrocketing. To fulfill an evident need, Practice Interactive expanded into the functional medicine space with Nova Vita Wellness Centers and custom nutraceutical manufacturing with Gummi World.

Practice Interactive opened two Nova Vita Wellness Centers locations in Texas with several more planned in five other states over the coming months. Nova vita offers patients a novel approach to take a proactive stance instead of reactive on their health and wellness.

Nova Vita healthcare professionals use comprehensive lab panels, 3D body imaging, data-driven solutions, and extensive personal evaluations to provide customized wellness solutions tailored for each individual–from the newly popular NAD+ infusion being named “the fountain of youth” to specialized hormone and weight loss programs.

All services support and fill the gaps of traditional medicine to treat whole-body health.

Unlike other wellness centers, Nova Vita offers psychedelic therapy for treatment-resistant mental health conditions and chronic pain with ketamine infusion therapy to provide a true, whole-health approach for the mind and body.

The Gummi World technique for dietary supplement manufacturing involves a medical doctor, pharmacist, and nutritionist working along with food scientists handling research and development to create products with premium nutritional content backed by medical science.

Gummi World recently opened a new dietary supplement facility in Chandler, AZ. This state of the art, designed from the ground up, allergen-free facility is FDA registered and holds several quality certifications such as cGMP, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO. It specializes in the production and packaging of vitamin gummies, capsules, tinctures, powders; and will provide opportunities for over-the-counter products. The proficiency in the planning, development, and construction of the facility equips Gummi World clients with premium dietary supplements in a fraction of time compared to the industry standard for concept to commercialization.

As the world adapts and adjusts their lives due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the advancements made by the Practice Interactive Inc. group of companies are at the forefront of future healthcare industry standards.