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Prysm Group Completes Phase 1 of Token Economic Model for Intiva Health

Published: April 28, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas, Apr 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Prysm Group, an economic consulting firm specializing in distributed ledger technology, completed the first development phase of creating a fully customized and specified foundational tokenomics and incentive design for Intiva Health’s Ready Doc™ platform.

Prysm Group is led by PhD-level economists from the world’s top universities, including Harvard and MIT. Their areas of expertise include consortium governance, consensus governance, foundational tokenomics, incentive design, and platform design.

Through the use of economic concepts such as market design and contract theory, Prysm Group is providing Intiva Health with a fully customized and specified economic design and Blue Paper.

Developing the economic foundation is being completed in two phases. Prysm Group completed the first phase of a two-phase process by conducting an overview of the top economic challenges that the customized network design will need to address and identifying preliminary recommendations for economic design.

“With Ready Doc™’s broad application and innovative approach, identifying and leveraging product synergies in order to foster organic growth will be the key to maximizing user engagement, retention, and value over time,” said Guido Molinari, Managing Partner of Prysm Group.

Prysm Group now will deliver specifications for the design of Intiva Health’s network economic parameters and incentive parameterization, with a fully customized and specified economic design for the system.

Ready Doc™ serves as a secure repository for credential documents for tens of thousands of medical providers. The actions taken by platform users, such as creating an account, uploading or updating  credential documents, registering for Ready Doc™ Messaging, taking continuing medical education courses, and other actions can be rewarded with incentives such as the TIVA™ Token.

The TIVA™ Token will incentivize engagement and usage of the platform as well as open up a marketplace of products and services for healthcare professionals and organizations. The Intiva Health platform will be the first  publicly available Hashgraph-based platform to incorporate a tokenized  economy. The purpose of TIVA™ Token is to be used within the Intiva Health Platform. TIVA™ Token can be used to purchase goods and services such as continuing medical education (CME) courses and malpractice insurance. The TIVA™ Token also enables users to unlock special benefits, like discounts and promotions from Key Partners.

Once completed, the tokenomic foundation created by Prysm Group will enable users of the Intiva Health platform to seamlessly conduct transactions with the TIVA™ Token in a revolutionary, health care-oriented marketplace.

About Prysm Group:
Through the use of contract theory, game theory, market design, and social choice theory, Prysm Group specializes in creating and auditing customized marketplace mechanism solutions for blockchain and distributed ledger databases. Prysm Group’s areas of expertise include consortium governance, consensus governance, foundational tokenomics, incentive design, and platform design. Learn More: Prysm Group Website