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March 2, 2021

Category: Healthcare Industry, Mental Health


  • Health care workers dealing with increased mental health issues due to pandemic
  • Increased stress levels, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, are common
  • Music therapy offers unique, alternative treatment options to prescription medications

It has been more than a year since the first cases of COVID-19 were reported in the United States. The ensuing months put a strain on the health care industry and those that work in it.

Health care workers have been dealing with a crisis no one has seen within a lifetime. The pain and suffering of patients and their families that doctors, nurses, paramedics, administrative staff and others witness on a daily basis can easily take a toll on their mental health and physical wellbeing. 

No matter one’s scope of practice or years of experience, they are still human at heart. Constant exposure to this unprecedented public health crisis can lead to increased stress levels, anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, or burnout to the point of leaving their career.

The market is flooded with traditional, prescription medications that are indeed beneficial to some people dealing with these conditions. Yet some may be hesitant to start a pharmaceutical regimen that may lead to dependency or carry unpleasant side effects impacting their career or daily life. There are alternative treatment options, however, to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia—one of which being music therapy.

Music therapy is a combination of the art of music and intervention treatment. It is the only sensory medium that can activate all areas of the brain at the same time.

Clinical studies have shown that music therapy can improve social behaviors, increase focus and attention, improve communication skills, reduce anxiety and improve body awareness and coordination for children and young adults with Autism and other social communication disorders.

In order to continue with our mission to improve the health of health care, Intiva Health has partnered with Athena Music & Wellness Therapy to offer courses for healthcare professionals to aid with anxiety, stress reduction, insomnia, and symptoms of depression. 

Athena is the only music therapy academy that offers music therapy training on three continents, and the opportunity for a rich, global clinical internship that experiences multiple music therapy models and cultures.

Intiva Health is offering courses designed by Athena Music & Wellness Therapy focusing on:

  1. Music Therapy for depression
  2. Music Therapy for sleep disorders
  3. Music Therapy for stress relief
  4. Music Therapy Integration and Musical Propedeutica

These courses use a variety of techniques to achieve their goal, including but not limited to:

  •     MMIP Method
  •     Emotional Composition
  •     ASMR to specific songs
  •     Conscious Listening
  •     Body resonance and its physical effects
  •     Practice Breathing, Humming, Toning

The courses will benefit both the health care providers and their patients. By taking these courses, licensed medical professionals can learn beneficial methods for overcoming their symptoms while also learning how to pass along these life-changing therapies to those they are treating.

More About Athena Wellness:

Athena is a mental wellness solutions provider, harnessing the power of music to help others with a myriad of challenges from autism to Alzheimer’s, and from addiction to depression. The company specializes in music wellness therapy; therapist education; wellness technology development, and licensing. They have established:

  1. A complete global education platform for music therapy (online / in class)
  2. Music therapy treatment system (teletherapy/in-person care)
  3. Wellness technology development / licensing

Athena has also successfully launched a robust personalized Music Therapy/ self-help mobile App — TuneWell. TuneWell is to use the systematic, scientific aspect of music to address core health and wellness issues so that people can thrive. 

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